Photo of Faith Kohl

Faith Kohl

Administrative Assistant

Faith Kohl, a native of Boerne, Texas, brings a warm and welcoming touch to the world of client care and customer service.

With a passion for creating positive and memorable experiences, Faith has dedicated her career to the art of client care. Her journey in the field has been marked by a genuine desire to understand and meet the unique needs of each individual she serves. Whether guiding clients through complex processes or resolving inquiries with a smile, Faith’s dedication to exceptional service is unmatched.

Faith’s approach is characterized by a rare blend of professionalism and personability. Clients appreciate her ability to make them feel heard, valued, and truly taken care of. Her knack for problem-solving and resourcefulness ensures that every client interaction is a seamless and positive encounter.

Beyond her professional achievements, Faith is deeply connected to her community in Boerne. As a native, she understands the nuances and intricacies of the local culture, allowing her to connect with clients on a personal level. Faith’s commitment to her hometown goes beyond her professional life, as she actively participates in community events and initiatives aimed at making Boerne an even better place to call home

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