What Are You Putting Down Your Drains?

Did you know that what you put down your drains can have a big impact on your septic system?

According to Van Delden On-Site Wastewater Systems, here are some things you’ll want to keep out of your drains.

  • Grease (Wipe your pans with paper towels before rinsing)
  • Harsh cleaning chemicals and excessive bleach
  • Paint and Paint Thinner
  • Oils such as tanning and bath oils
  • Any kind of trash, wipes, or feminine products (even if the label says flushable)
  • Powder Detergents/Laundry Boosters
  • Coffee grounds, cat litter, etc
  • Excessive juices, sodas, etc
  • Any kind of tobacco products

Van Delden states that allowing these items into your septic may not have an immediate negative effect but continued use can add strain to the bacteria in the tank, which can have a negative impact on your septic system.

If you’ve been putting products like these down your drains, consider getting your septic tank pumped for a fresh start.



What Are You Putting Down Your Drains?
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